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20 Years Experience; knife making is not a hobby, it's my passion.



 I design knives with my customer in mind. From Working, Hunting to Kitchen knives, I will work with you to design a tool that fits your need. 


A little about me my name is Bob Jankowski first and foremost I am proud to be a Christian (Ordained Minister), a Husband, Father, and Grandfather, Viet Nam Vet,  Traditional Bow and Pistol Hunter, Bass Fisherman and a fulltime knife maker with a passion for horses.

I’m a fifth generation Texan grew up in South Texas raised by my grandparents where we hunted to eat not for pleasure. In those days in the country when someone needed something it was handmade, ranchers and farmers were also carpenters, blacksmiths, mechanics and on occasion doctors. Consequently that’s how I grew up, if I didn’t know how to make something, I would go to the library to learn about it, and that’s how knife making became a passion for me. Most of my creations are practical tools. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. My email address is ;Bobjankowski@att.net or feel free to call me at on my cell 817-239-6123. Visit me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/2221263301484173/

 No one works on my knives; or does my heat treating or grinding, I put every knife I sell through some very strict test to insure you are getting a quality blade before I put the handle on, I temper my knives to 58-61hrc, my super steel cpm154 I get 62hrc and my High Carbon steel knives are tempered to 60hrc to retain edge sharpness. After years of metallurgy study I have attainted the knowledge to get the most of the various types of steel I use. I do everything by hand, todays smart customers want handmade knives. 

I make all my leather sheaths.  All knives come with a handmade double stitched leather sheath made just for that knife. I do not make sheaths for kitchen knives. Kitchen knives should never be kept in a sheath!  I spend most of my knife making time on special orders however; I do occasionally sell on various forums and I try to keep a few on my site for sale. I take Paypal, Venmo, Cash App and personal checks.  Free delivery in the U.S., contact me for overseas shipping cost. 


My Choice of Steel

  For stainless steel knives I use CPM154 "Super Steel" and 154cm. My Damascus Steel is incredible made from 5160 or 52100, 200 nickel, and 15n20 folded five times to give you 416 layers of beauty and durability. I buy it from Alabama Steel, best Damascus money can buy. For high carbon I use various types of steel depending on the intent purpose of the knife. Of course the prices of my knives are contingent on the market cost of steel. High Carbon steel I used are 1095,1084,1075,80CRv2,5160 and 52100.

All my Blades are Tested!

Every knife is put through a chop test, sharpness test before handles are installed to insure you are getting the best possible blade produced. Every blade will meet and exceed all metallurgy requirements.

I make cutting tools not chisels, screw drivers, pry bars or hammers. If you use the knife for what it was intended for it will last you a lifetime. Please take care of your knives ( all knives) keep them sharp, and clean, never store your knife in a leather sheath or put in a dish washer, keep a light coat of oil on the blade between use. See my knife care page for tips on caring for your knife. Please do not inquire of purchasing a knife if you're not at least 18 years old or older. 


I guarantee each knife against defects in workmanship and materials with the assumption the knife is used properly as a cutting tool and not anything else.  This guarantee does not extend to the natural handle materials, as many of these may shrink, check or develop cracks with age.  All materials are stabilized as thoroughly as possible, and I am always looking for new and better processes to improve their durability.

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God Bless

Bob Jankowski <><

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes!